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title: 2010. Postscriptum
red.: Małgorzata Sieradz
publisher: Narodowy Instytut Fryderyka Chopina
ISBN: 978-83-61142-90-4
year of publication: 2013
languages: polski
series: książka pokonferencyjna
format: B5
cover: paperback
pp: 328
weight: 0.775 kg

The conference book Chopin 2010. Postscriptum, edited by Małgorzata Sieradz, is a collection of papers delivered to the Ninth NIFC Chopin Conference, held in December 2011. 

The main thematic areas of the conference were cultural value management, contemporary performance of Chopin’s music, from sources to recordings, the presence of Chopin in contemporary musical culture, Chopin in the visual arts, and Chopin and music criticism, past and present. The book represents a multi-dimensional look at questions related to the functioning of Chopin, his image and his music in the contemporary world. It is distinguished by the presentation of those questions from various points of view: musicology, pianism, music criticisn and journalism, sociology, and scholarship specialising in culture and film.

The authors include Maciej Jabłoński, Jacek Kurczewski, Krzysztof Moraczewski, Marcin Poprawski, Michał Kazimierczak, Wojciech Bońkowski, Irena Poniatowska, Magdalena Dziadek, Grzegorz Michalski, Władysław Malinowski, Joanna Grotkowska, Tomasz Szachowski, Krzysztof Droba, Mariusz Gradowski, Iwona Sowińska, Iwona Kurz and Anna Manicka. The book also includes a record of discussions in which the participants included Benjamin Vogel, Stanisław Leszczyński, Janusz Olejniczak and Wojciech Świtała.

The book addresses current issues that concern all of us living in contemporary civilisation, in a world of visual and popular, consumption-orientated, culture. Chopin 2010. Postscriptum will certainly trigger discussion among a wide-ranging readership and contribute to further research into contemporary culture.

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