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title: Moniuszko. Karłowicz/ Songs
performer: Piotr Beczała/ Helmut Deutsch
number: NIFCCD 114
year of publication: 2019
format: audio
weight: 0.8 kg


Songs of Stanisław Moniuszko and Mieczysław Karłowicz in the interpretation of one of the most outstanding contemporary opera singers, accompanied at the piano by Helmut Deutsch, will be released soon by The Fryderyk Chopin Institute. The album is released thanks to the collaboration with the Grand Theatre – National Opera.

Mieczysław Karłowicz
1. For a Sorrowful Girl, No. 1
2. Whence the First Stars, No. 2
3. Disappointment, No. 4
4. I Remember Quiet Days, Golden, Bright, No. 5
5. My Soul is Sad, No. 6
6. Speak to Me Still, No. 1
7. Erotic (‘In lieu of suns and stars’), No. 2
8. It Goes to the Fields, No. 3
9. On a Placid, Gloomy Sea, No. 4
10. The Deep Sea Sleeps, No. 5
11. Before the Eternal Night, No. 6
12. Don’t Cry over Me, No. 7
13. In the Still of the Evening, No. 8
14. Over the Boundless, Boundless Sea, No. 9
15. An Enchanted Princess, No. 10
16. By the Maple Tree
17. The Autumn Wind Denudes the Trees
18. Sometimes, When Half Asleep I Dream
19. O Don’t Believe
20. With the New Spring
21. My Most Beautiful Songs, Op. 4

Stanisław Moniuszko
22. Two Dawns
23. Wild Rose
24. The Spinstress
25. A Son of Cracow
26. Know’st Thou the Land?

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