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title: Żeleński, Mozart. Piano Quartets
number: NIFCCD 110
year of publication: 2020
format: audio
weight: 0.8 kg

Chamber masterpieces

Two masterpieces of chamber music have found their way to the latest CD released by the Chopin Institute: they are The piano quartets of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and of Władysław Żeleński.

Composed in similar, minor keys, G minor and C minor, they are more than a century distant in time. Nevertheless, they seem to cast light on each other and relish in the beauty of interpretation by consummate young Polish musicians: Paweł Wakarecy playing the piano, Jakub Jakowicz – the violin, Katarzyna Budnik – the viola, and Marcin Zdunik, and – the cello.

“Looking at all Żeleński’s chamber works, one cannot but notice that this is precisely where, more than anywhere else, the composer set his artistic and aesthetic creed”, Grzegorz Zieziula wrote in the booklet accompanying the CD. It may be worth mentioning that the Chopin Institute boasts the autograph of Mozart’s Quartet in G minor in its collection.


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