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title: Chopin. Preludes, Op. 28 and Sonata B flat minor, Op. 35
performer: Tatiana Shebanova
number: NIFCCD 021
year of publication: 2011
format: audio
total timing [min]: 75
weight: 0.09 kg

The recording which we would like to present you with is of particular significance for several reasons – realised shortly before the pianist’s death – one could say it comprises the credo of her performance art and artistic testament. It is also a moving testimonial to the dignity with which she committed herself musically to the realisation of the project, despite her long battle with illness. It shows moreover, Tatiana Shebanova’s exceptional relationship with the historic Erard piano which she fell in love with ‘on first contact’ and which returned the compliment with all the tone colours of its sound. (…)

Preludes, Op. 28 and Sonata B flat minor, Op. 35 is a successive recording in the series The Real Chopin for which since 2007, Tatiana Shebanova has recorded her performances of the composers works on a period instrument. The pianist’s recording on an Erard piano is the first project of its type in the history of phonography. This unique publication of the National Fryderyk Chopin Institute allows us to trace the evolution of Chopin’s style and expand our experiences of his works through a new sound quality in keeping with the aura of the times within which he composed. This exceptional issue also reassesses Tatiana Shebanova’s interpretations of Chopin and her personal contribution to the composer’s anniversary year whose music she regarded as a constant source of inspiration.

Róża Światczyńska [parts from the essay from the CD’s booklet]

Album tracklist

Fryderyk Chopin [1810–1849]

1. Presto con leggierezza Prelude in A flat major [WN 44] [1834]

24 Preludes, Op. 28 [1831?–1839]

2. No. 1 in C major Agitato

3. No. 2 in A minor Lento

4. No. 3 in G major Vivace

5. No. 4 in E minor Largo

6. No. 5 in D major Molto allegro

7. No. 6 in B minor Lento assai

8. No. 7 in A major Andantino

9. No. 8 in F sharp minor Molto agitato

10. No. 9 in E major Largo

11. No. 10 in C sharp minor Molto allegro

12. No. 11 in B major Vivace

13. No. 12 in G sharp minor Presto

14. No. 13 in F sharp major Lento

15. No. 14 in E flat minor Allegro

16. No. 15 in D flat major Sostenuto

17. No. 16 in B flat minor Presto con fuoco

18. No. 17 in A flat major Allegretto

19. No. 18 in F minor Molto allegro

20. No. 19 in E flat major Vivace

21. No. 20 in C minor Largo

22. No. 21 in B flat major Cantabile

23. No. 22 in G minor Molto agitato

24. No. 23 in F major Moderato

25. No. 24 in D minor Allegro appassionato

26. Prelude in C sharp minor, Op. 45 [1841]

Sonata in B flat minor, Op. 35 [1839]

27. Grave. Doppio movimento

28. Scherzo

29. Marche funèbre. Lento

30. Finale. Presto

TT: 75.09

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