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title: John Field 20 Nokturnes
performer: Ewa Pobłocka
number: NIFCCD 102
year of publication: 2015
format: audio
weight: 0.09 kg

Music of Chopin’s Time series cat. no. NIFCCD 102
The first recording in phonographic history of the complete nocturnes of John Field, an artist and pianist very popular in Europe in the first half of the 19th century, on an original period instrument. The 20 small musical forms, charming in their mood, were recorded by Ewa Pobłocka – an artist numbering among the most distinguished Polish pianists, a laureate of the 10th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition. For them, she selected an 1838 Erard piano from the collections of The Fryderyk Chopin Institute.
‘The recording of the complete nocturnes of John Field gives us the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with the sound of his piano playing and piano music, as well as more fully assess his style – lyrical, delicate, not infrequently sentimental, not infrequently clearly accented, or more Classical, always filled with diverse melodic and rhythmic ideas, accompaniment figuration and ornamentation, heralding Romanticism,’ writes Prof. Irena Poniatowska in her commentary included in the album.

Recorded at the Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio, Warsaw, 2011–2012.
John Field
Nocturnes [ca. 1816]
1. no. 1 in E-flat major Molto moderato
2. no. 2 in C minor Moderato e molto espressivo
3. no. 3 in A-flat major Uno poco allegretto
4. no. 4 in A major Poco adagio
5. no. 5 in B-flat major Andantino
6. no. 6 in F major Andante
7. no. 7 in C major Moderato
8. no. 8 in A major Andante
9. no. 9 in E-flat major Andantino
10. no. 10 in E minor Adagio
11. no. 11 in E-flat major Moderato
12. no. 12 in G major Lento
13. no. 13 in D minor Lento
14. no. 14 in C major Molto moderato
15. no. 15 in C major Molto moderato
16. no. 16 in F major Lento
17. no. 17 in E major Molto moderato
18. no. 18 in E major Allegretto
19. B-flat major Andantino [ca. 1816–1821]
20. C major ‘The Troubadour’ Moderato [1832]

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