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title: Słuch metafizyczny
author: Anna Chęćka
red.: Małgorzata Jaworska
publisher: Narodowy Instytut Fryderyka Chopina
ISBN: 978-83-64823-98-5
year of publication: 2020
languages: polski
format: 150x230
cover: paperback
pp: 304

The Słuch metafizyczny (“Ear for metaphysics”) in the title is a cognitive power. One blessed with it does not need to be gifted with an ear for music or musical memory. Such a person can even consider themselves a musical ignorant, yet nonetheless realise that music gives the listener a brief flash of understanding the sense of life. Music contains mathematics, mysticism, yearning for the discovery of the order of the world prior to its codification but also a madness. The essays by Anna Chęćka guide us through the thickets of musical shivers, planting signposts that help to order your emotions thanks to surviving in the wordless musical thought, at the same time proving that the inexpressible aesthetic experience can be clad in the tissue of words huddling its closely. The author contests contemporary philosophers of music, seeks a balance between the drastic and gnostic in the art of sound, listens carefully in into poetry and prose that carry a trace of metaphysical listening (to mention Stanisław Barańczak’s Winter Journey and Thomas Mann’s Buddenbrooks). It initiates a dialogue of the humanities with natural sciences, poring over the anatomy of musical ecstasy and the amatory discourse of neurotransmitters. She also pays homage to the performers of classical music, investigating virtuoso musicianship as a transgression of the corporal, rivalry at competitions (the Chopin Competition), and even occupational diseases of the musicians. She diagnoses the crisis of writing and talking about music, and offers the reader a remedy against musognosis and the aesthetic fear of flying.


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